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ReThink. ReFuel

When it comes to meeting the world’s energy needs, business as usual is no longer enough. What’s needed is new thinking, new technology, and a new source to cleanly and cost-effectively power us into the next generation…and beyond.

ReFuel Natural Gas vs. Diesel

The Advantages Are Clear.

While diesel may have cleaned up its act in recent years, it still lags far behind Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) in terms of being a sustainable, clean-burning fuel.

three vehicles using Renewable Natural Gas

Simply put, RNG provides the same performance, horsepower and torque as the cleanest burning diesel—while being less expensive and reducing your carbon footprint significantly. In addition to running cleaner, RNG trucks also run quieter than
their diesel-powered counterparts — helping reduce noise pollution in our community.

Atlas reFuel isn’t just ecologically sound, it’s economically smart.

8550 Fruitridge Rd. Sacramento, CA 95826
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